Who are we ?

GABIYÉ PARIS is a Premium Streetwear brand based in France. Our brand appeared following intergalactic events which caused its birth. Follow our adventures to find out more... :)

A few words about our Founder 

Her name is Gisèle. Philanthropist and rebel, she is passionate about fashion. She draws inspiration from her numerous travels between Paris and New York where she worked for many high-end brands. Through GABIYÉ PARIS, she shares with you the magic of these cultural exchanges; enriching and sometimes surprising. 

The main message of the collection is "PHUCK YOU", why?

Well... that's one way of saying "no".

It's a simple and universal way to say "no."

Why ?

Because in life, we have noticed that we often associate saying "no" with something negative, with being mean, when in reality saying "no" is good ; for yourself and for others. Saying “no” is actually an invitation to explore other avenues.

Through this collection, we would like to give a little courage to people to assert their limits and give them the opportunity to say “no” when they don’t have the strength. With GABIYÉ PARIS, they will be able to say it through their clothes and their attitude.

Furthermore, we have taken care to present a clean and sophisticated look to bring softness and style to your outfits.

We hope that these clothes, made from high quality materials, will find their place in your wardrobe. Whether to say “no” or simply to adopt an elegant style enhanced with a touch of boldness.